From the You screen you will see a small green tab on the left hand side of the screen. By swiping right on that tab you will access your Settings, Saved Questions and Entry Display options. 

Entry Display Options

The first group of menu items are your entry display options which allow you to create a new entry or view your entries by Timeline, Calendar and Location. You can read more about these options here.

Saved Questions 

The next link is to Questions. Here you will find all the questions you have saved throughout the app. You can also create your own question through the ‘Add a new question’ button near the top of the screen. Swiping right on any question will allow you to:

  • Answer the question right away in a new entry 
  • Set a reminder for a time to answer the question
  • Delete the question

To the left of your questions you can also toggle the question on and off. This will allow you to keep a question in your saved questions, but turn it off if you don’t want to use it at the moment. Any questions toggled on in your Saved Questions will appear when you create a new entry and ‘Answer Saved Question’.


The last link you’ll see at the bottom left of the screen is a link to your Settings. Here you can view your account, add a passcode, manage notifications, preferences and more. 

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